You know that little butterfly feeling you get when you're doing something scary but exhilarating for the first time? For some, this feeling arises when they go out on a first date and for others, it happens when they head off on an adventure. Thanks to science, we know this feeling is associated with the body’s fight-or-flight response. It’s where the brain becomes more alert because your heart is beating a little faster, and at the same time the nervous system is pumping out adrenaline.

I get these butterflies every time I land in a new city and, similar to the excitement one may feel when getting to know someone on a first date, I get this rush just waiting to explore a new destination. Welcome to Take to Flight, my name is Kaitlin and I am so genuinely happy that you’re reading my blog.

My backstory? I grew up with a dual citizenship, traveling back and forth between Australia and Canada (due to a crazy love story between my parents - perhaps one day I’ll write a blog about it). The 19-hour commute between the two countries didn’t deter me and, at an early age, I knew that I wanted to work within the travel industry. I think the main reason is that I loved, and still love, people watching in airports. Imagining all the possibilities of where all these people came from and where their final destination may take them is enough to inspire.

So, what did I do to fulfill my dreams of work and play? I became a flight attendant. In the last eight years, I’ve worked as a flight attendant for both a commercial airline as well as on private jets. I am beyond grateful that working as a flight attendant has allowed me the financial freedom to pay my way through university, as well as the flexibility to schedule flights around university classes and the freedom to travel and study simultaneously. I have now finished my degree in Public Relations, and while you’d think I have written enough over the course of obtaining a degree, I don’t want to, and cannot seem to, stop writing. For that reason, I am beyond thrilled to share my passion for traveling and the tips and tricks I’ve accumulated over the years with you. Whether you take to flight for business or pleasure, I hope this blog helps get you to your final destination and have some great adventures on the way.

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